Silver Peak in July

Jul 3rd, 2008 | By rob

Location: Silver Peak
Through the woods And over the river Across the rocks Finally skiing Me going down TNT chute

With a wedding, job change, honeymoon and bathroom remodel, I needed to get a ski in July to keep up my streak (I think I am around 40 months of straight skiing). I meet up with Tim and we hit up Silver Peak after work. There was more converge than one would expect this late in the season, and we had to park at Windy Pass and wind our way up through the forest. We opted for a different route, and it proved pretty difficult, with booting up some steep parts. By the time we were at the upper bowl, we were both exhausted.

The run off the top was nice, but our run down TNT chute was a little bit treacherous due to all the sun cups. Many teeth chattering turns later, we were bushwacking our way back to Tim’s truck.


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